I’m just finishing up SPRING BREAK here in California (the phrase automatically changes into capital letters when you type it, it simply cannot be in lower case). In typical SPRING BREAK fashion I went to Mexico, drank copious quantities of alcohol, stayed in a slightly dodgy hostel, took part in a wet t-shirt competition, listened to a lot of electro music, got a tattoo and took a jumping photo on a white sandy beach.


I went to Portland, ate entirely too much food, played Battleships, watched Mad Men from my wonderful bed in my comfy hotel, ate more food, went to an arcade and played pacman, bought far too many postcards, went to the cinema multiple times, drank a lot of coffee, ate more food, played Junga (a terrible, terrible rip off Jenga), got excited because the plane we flew there on was just like the one in ‘The Proposal’ (no Ryan Reynolds though unfortunately), listened to far too much Frank Turner, went to a Rose Garden, visited the Worlds Smallest Park and ate more food. Did I mention the food?



Portland is a food lover’s paradise; I can honestly say I wasn’t hungry for four solid days. We of course hit up the Portland institution ‘Voodoo Doughnuts’ and it did not disappoint- I had a Voodoo Doll and an Old Dirty Bastard (questionable turn of phrase). The latter was a doughnut topped with crushed oreos and peanutbutter *salivates at the memory*. The other highlight was an Epic burger, which was an utterly delicious greasy mess of beef, pulled pork, pickles and texas slaw. Getting the munchies just typing that.

photo 1

photo 2

photod 1



There was also a trip to Powell’s bookstore, which was so big I basically had a meltdown the first time and didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t mentally prepared. Don’t worry though, I returned and bought some books (making myself feel a bit better about being the owner of a Kindle in the process).



That right there has the Guinness World Record for being the ‘Smallest Park in the World’. I did actually see it despite what my hood in that photo suggests. The rain was pretty horrific for the second two days, but it was okay because it just meant we could ‘shelter from the rain’ with a coffee (and a crumble cake).


The most hipstery-instagramy picture I’ve ever taken, be proud.

As you can imagine since returning I’ve been eating healthy and going for long cycles. Okay, that’s only partly true- I had veggie chili for dinner yesterday only after eating the voodoo doughnut I sneaked home as a mid afternoon snack, and I only went for a long cycle because I had to trail all over Davis to find a shop that stocked Angostura Bitters so that I could make myself an Old Fashioned to drink while watching Mad Men. Doing life right.

I should probably mention that I didn’t embark on any of this all on my lonesome, my partner in crime was my flatmate Amelia. We’re both serious enablers when it comes to food- no cute coffee shop shall go untried. Even if we’ve just had a huge breakfast.

SPRING BREAK is just one short week between Winter and Spring quarters, and I cannot believe that I embark on my final quarter here at UCD on Monday. I’ve had to start thinking about my fourth year project back in Glasgow and every so often people try to engage me in a conversation about ‘the future’ and ‘graduation’ but this usually ends up in me having some kind of existential crisis so I try to avoid those chats at all costs.

My plans for this coming quarter? Take a wheel throwing class, do some more hiking, eat a lot more food, go to a beach, take some trips to other cities and soak up some more of that sweet, sweet California sumshine.

Have a fab weekend.


Out and About

I’m constantly torn between words and photos when I’m writing a blog post. Sometimes when I put in a lot of pretty pictures I feel like I’m cheating but then I know that, for me at least, the chances of me finishing to read any kind of blog increase tenfold when it has pictures. At the same time though the internet in this flat is so slow and it takes me so long to upload photos, change the size and put them in the correct order that I end up feeling like I could probably recreate the same photo in paint on the computer (is paint still a thing?) in the time it takes them to upload. Seriously. Plus my photography skills are non-existent, how people ever manage to take pictures of food and make it look appetising I will never know (Martha Stewart also cannot do this- see this hilarious buzz feed).

For any of you following me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in the ‘100 Happy Days‘ challenge. The idea is that you post something that makes you happy every day, and that by making it a challenge you will either either be encouraged to be aware of what has brightened your day or else it will push you to make sure that you actually do something that puts a smile on your face. While most days this works out well there have been some highly questionable entries from me, most notably a picture of an empty jar of peanut butter with a spoon sticking out of it- peanut butter is my jam (see what I did there). Although to be honest that was bittersweet because I had no more in the cupboard and a day without peanut butter isn’t worth living. On other days I find myself staring at a nice cheese sandwich wondering if I should take a photo of it because that might just be the most exciting thing to happen to me all day.

I had another fun weekend recently- the second fun weekend in a row! Don’t worry though I made sure to make myself miserable for the next week to make up for all the fun times. Study abroad isn’t about having fun guys. I went to Point Reyes, a National Park just above San Francisco, for some hiking and it was GLORIOUS- the weather was amazing and the trail was a stunning mix of woodland and coast. Thankfully it was proper trails and none of that paved malarkey, the only downside was some dodgy trail markings that resulted in us adding an extra three miles onto what was already a 13 mile hike. We asked a guy for directions, but being unconvinced by his answer proceeded to wait a while for him to leave before walking in the opposite direction to what he suggested. We, of course, passed him a few short minutes later and I wanted to climb up in a tree and hide so that he didn’t see us. That must be a very British problem though as the American I was with couldn’t understand why I would rather lie on the ground and cover myself in leaves than make eye contact with this guy. The good thing about the added miles though was that it helped us to justify the vast quantity of dough consumed upon our arrival back in Davis in the form of Hawaiian pizza and some kind of weird cinnamon apple pizza concoction. Perfect. I’m all for immediately negating any exercise with food.

On the Sunday we went for a trip to Napa and Sonoma. We drove there on the freeway with the top down on the car and I basically felt like I ruled the world. I possibly didn’t LOOK quite so cool though as I kept insisting on taking photos with my face like this:


No shame. No regrets. Okay I had one regret- I let my hair whip around in the wind like some kind of crazy horse-girl hybrid and it ended up taking me a solid 20 minutes to get the knots out of my hair the next day. I actually broke my hairbrush in the process. If you’ve ever seen the first Princess Diaries movie then just think about the scene where Pablo breaks his brush on Mia’s hair. It was just like that.

In Napa, after spending the first hour wandering around sobbing outside all the amazing wine bars we couldn’t drink in, we found an absolutely amazing coffee shop. This place was brilliant, a really quirky cafe with amazing coffee and biscotti and, as an added bonus, they weren’t complete knobs about the coffee which is something I feel happens quite often in Glasgow (I’m looking at you Artisan Roast, I’m looking at you.). I left this place wanting to open a coffee shop (now with a bookstore attached because I just read Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore and loved it). There was a Starbucks directly across the road from this soulful, delightful store and while I’d love to say that no-one was sitting in it and the only people inside were idle workers, in reality it was heaving. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I haven’t bought anything in Starbucks in over two years (god I sound like such a prize tool when I say that) and I’ve managed to survive just fine without Instagram-ing a picture of a takeaway cup. I could rant but I’m not going to (mostly because I’ve already mouthed off about this to more or less every single person I know). It annoys my Uncle George no end, to the point where he gave me the choice between travelling first class home from SF and having a Starbucks, or sticking to my principles and travelling in economy. Those of you who have met my Uncle George will know that there is no question here- I’d sooner walk back from SF than give him the satisfaction.

I’ve also been getting out more in Davis and have discovered a couple of cool places, my favourite being a hippy coffee/food place ‘Delta of Venus’. Holy crap the potatoes I had for brunch at the weekend were like nothing else, I’m salivating just thinking about them (despite the fact I’ve just had about seven spoonfuls of peanut butter).

It was the Super Bowl last weekend (I referred to it as the ‘Super Bowl Final’ to some American friends and they laughed at me. Dicks.), but I was in a spectacularly grouchy mood so instead of embracing American culture- watching the game, eating pizza and drinking beer, I sat in the dark, watched Sherlock, ate half a block of cheese and drank tea. It was bloody brilliant.

That’s about it from me folks. The fam are coming over to California next week- wahooooo free meals! We’re going to see Biffy Clyro in SF next Wednesday (OH MAH GAHD), it’s Ewan’s birthday on Thursday (he’s celebrating his 18th in a country where the drinking age is 21. Rough.) and then we’re off to Monterey for a long weekend of food and chillaxing. I phoned up two restaurants today to book tables and man it was a painful process. For the first place it took me about 10 tries for them to get my name right, and then in the second I asked for a table with a ‘bay view’ and they kept asking me if I was bringing a baby. Oh, and the reservation is for ‘Christine’. I gave up.

Hope you’re all swell.

Nothing Rhymes with Yosemite

Christmas is absolutely completely and utterly my 100% most favourite time of the year without a single shadow of a doubt. I’m so glad I decided to go back home and spend it surrounded by my mental family and friends. I was only home for two weeks which flew in ridiculously quickly, but the 10000 mile round trip was more than worth it for 13 nights in my own bed. Although, to be fair a 10 hour flight isn’t all that difficult when you’re FLYING FIRST CLASS. Yes that’s right- Uncle George strikes again! I actually tried to write this post while I was on the flight back from the States but I had eaten so much that all the oxygen in my entire body was being diverted to my digestive system so I could hardly string a sentence together. I think the fact that I ate an amuse-bouche of quail before my three course meal pretty much tells you all you need to know about flying first class. That and the fact that you get free pyjamas with ‘First Class’ embroidered on them. Lol’ing at cattle class (although the laughs will turn to sobs when I’m papped off of staff travel once this trip is done).


Before returning to Glasgow I spent a brilliant couple of days in San Francisco with the aforementioned Uncle. We ate a lot (food is a running theme in this post), went to see The Hunger Games 2 (the sad thing about going to see it with two men over the age of 40 is that there is no-one to fangirl over Liam Hemsworth with), did a bit of shopping and went to Alcatraz. Alcatraz was amazing, I’d strongly recommend going if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods.


My Uncle was actually Captain on the plane that took me home, I felt like a bit of a celeb strolling through security with the crew. It took me about 15 minutes to get from the door of SF airport to the gate. How am I ever going to travel any other way? I need to be super rich when I’m older- there’s no two ways about it.

I’ve now been back in Davis for just under a fortnight, I’m in my second week of classes. So far they don’t seem quite as scary as they did last semester! However, I did well in my exams last quarter and have a 4.0 GPA (OMG HOW AMERICAN).

Last weekend I went to Yosemite for a weekend of outdoor fun. I went with Davis Outdoor Adventures, so essentially with seven complete randoms but thankfully they were sound randoms so I had an absolute blast! Well, aside from the threat of bears at the camp site (on the exact site we chose to pitch out tent there had been a bear casually munching on some stolen Doritos and Pringles the night before). Unfortuantely (fortunately?) I don’t have a bear story, there was only a coyote. And a lot of smokes. And a man with a rifle to scare off any bears.

The weather was a bit rough on the Saturday, but we still did a good hike followed by some good old campfire fun.

Sunday was absolutely amazing though, we took a hike up to Yosemite Falls. It was a pretty tough trail but man was it worth it. The view at the top was breathtaking, anything I say is just going to sound unbelievably corny so I’ll just leave you with some photos.

photo 6

IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0237 IMG_0238

That right there is what we hiked to the top of.

IMG_0239 IMG_0241 IMG_0244

Absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to go back! We’ve got a three day this weekend so I think some more outdoor fun is on the agenda. Whilst most places in the USA have been complaining about a ‘polar vortex’, it has been unseasonably warm in California. My brother posted the following photo on my wall which I think pretty much sums up the weather in the States right now.


Happy Wednesday!


HELLO! Remember me? I’m that girl who blogs about her life as an exchange student in California? Ringing any bells? I do maths and stats? I have a mouth like a sewer? There we go!

When we last left off I (6 weeks ago.. soz) I had just finished midterms and was listening to Michael Buble. Now I have not long finished my last final and have been listening to Mickey B’s Christmas Album on a constant loop. This is probably the hardest I’ve ever worked for a set of exams in my entire life- I thought my brain was going to start seeping out of my ears at one point. The downtime after midterms unfortunately didn’t last very long! Anyone who follows me on instagram will know that I was dressing like an absolute hobo for about three weeks and kept track of how close it was to Christmas using impressive ankle socks/cropped jeans combinations (no shame). The finals are all over now though, I’ve done a clothes wash and have washed my hair- I’m a real girl! I’ve been completely abandoned by my flatmates and pretty much everyone I know in Davis so I spent some of yesterday in the library reading up on classes for next quarter.

I’M KIDDING GUYS- I was in the library stealing the internet so that I could download Downton Abbey season 4. Christmas starts here! I’ve now finished season four. In less than 24 hours- that has got to be some kind of record.

photo 3f

photo 13

photo 33


photo d4

I did have some fun between the two sets of exams, I promise. Had a nice trip to San Francisco:



That place is HILLY, my calves were sore for about three days after walking all over the city. The day consisted of walking, punctuated by much food and taking of touristy photos, questions like ‘Can you please take a photo of me standing in the middle of the road?’ were asked about every 15 minutes.

One of the most epic moment was when we were driving along the Golden Gate Bridge, windows wide open absolutely blasting Aretha Franklin ‘Respect’. YES.

Watching the sun set by the sea with a hot chocolate wasn’t too bad either though mind you. It’s funny to think that I’ll look back these photos in 50 years when I’m a crazy old cat lady and reminisce. I still can’t believe I live in California. I LIVE in CALIFORNIA. Caps lock doesn’t help- still can’t believe it.


Also had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend weekend with two of my flatmates, the actual day was mostly spent cooking and eating. I made EPIC roasties, that’s usually my dad’s job at home but I think we’ll have to have a potato-off when I get home because damn they were good!! We also went Black Friday shopping in the evening, I was led to believe that I was basically going to be killed if I went BF shopping, but I emerged from the experience alive and victorious (with a much, much lighter purse…) Who needs food when there’s 50% off of everything in American Eagle, right? We had to drag my flatmate Hubert away from the shops at 1am because Amelia and I couldn’t take any more. We started at 6pm though so I would say we did the event justice.


Just before finals started my flatmate Amelia celebrated her 21st birthday, she claimed she didn’t want a fuss, so I of course respected that decision. I didn’t leave a trail of balloons with messages on them from her bedroom door to the kitchen or write all over our mirror.



Nope. None of these things. We celebrated with two pizzas and cupcakes (which I managed to cycle home and keep in one piece- I am an absolute PRO at cycling home carrying stuff, not too long ago I cycled home 9 shopping bags full of groceries, my bike may have been making funny noises ever since but it was worth it to see the look of sheer disbelief on the faces of my flatmates!). We ordered two extra large pizzas for the birthday celebration, at the very start of the quarter when we ordered in two XL pizzas we had about six slices left over to eat the next day, but having now lived in America for more than three months we are well seasoned eaters and managed to polish off both in one sitting. I was still full the next day.

It has been unseasonably ABSOLUTELY BLOODY FREEZING IN DAVIS. I ended up fashioning an extra blanket out of towels and jumpers (#thrifty).

photo 1g


We went to a basketball game one Saturday evening (most stressful five minutes of my life, we scored in the last second to take it to extra time and then lost by a point. Ouch.) and when we came out of the game I could SEE MY BREATH in the air and my saddle was frosty. Lol whut?

This is a bit of a paltry post considering it’s the first one I’ve written in six weeks. I’m going to try to do better next quarter! I’ve just eaten a PB&J sandwich and am waiting for my Uncle to pick me up, take me to San Francisco and then fly me home on Wednesday evening.

There’s no place like home.



Midterm Madness

Which of the following occurred in the previous week which made me decide I should probably try to sort out my life?
a) All I had in my fridge was jam, three eggs and half a can of kidney beans
b) I had no clean socks for the second time in a week
c) I was down to my last 1/4 of a makeup wipe (as a result of ripping up the last one to ‘make it last’)
d) I realised that I hadn’t washed my hair in a week
e) I had a ‘WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?’ breakdown at 0100 while finishing up a computing assignment
f) All of the above

Wait, you think the correct answer is ‘f’?! You really think I’m clatty enough to have gone a week without washing my hair?

Yeah okay you’re right.The correct answer is ‘f’. You win a quarter of a make-up wipe!

I did something extremely grown up the other day in an attempt so sort myself out- I bought a hairbrush! Anyone who knows me well will know that this is a very big deal and I’m now ready to take on the word as a sophisticated grown up lady person with tidy hair (I use the term ‘tidy’ loosely..).

For those of you who don’t know, it’s midterm season at UC Davis so I’ve basically been eating, studying, eating, sleeping and studying. The studying has been made easier though by the one and only Elaine Christie who sent me an EPIC selection of chocolate. You may remember my chocolate stash from the start of the quarter? That’s loooong since gone people, I am a well-seasoned chocolate eater. It’s a talent. I claimed the other day that I was ‘going to stop eating so much sugar’, but all healthy pretences immediately flew out of the window when I received the package with M&S giant chocolate buttons amongst many other delights. No regrets.

chocolate choco2

BUT GUESS WHAT? I have actually done something FUN since my last blog post! I went to Lake Tahoe with some other exchange students and it was pretty awesome. I want to say that it was ‘fun-oe’ but I’ve already used that gag on my Facebook page, and I have a feeling that the vast majority of my readership comes directly from facey-b so I can’t really use it again (hi Dad… hi Mum). If you haven’t got me on Facebook, know that the album title was comedy GOLD.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0165 tahoe tahoe2

Trying to choose which photos to post was pretty difficulty because dayuumm that place was picturesque. Note that all photos that don’t look like they were taken by a five year old were taken by up-and-coming French photographer Alexandre Payot.


The water was bloomin’ FREEZING though. I’d love to say that we were frolicking in the water all afternoon but in reality we only stayed in the water long enough to get photographic evidence at which point we promptly got out before our hands/feet fell off. Lake Tahoe is at an altitude of 1897m which is actually a higher altitude than Ben Nevis! The water is basically just snow that melts off of the surrounding hills… so yeah- it’s pretty brisk!

Speaking of brisk, look at this:


LOOK AT IT. IT SAYS FIVE DEGREES CELCIUS WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I do not have the clothing to deal with single digit temperatures. And that, dear readers, is how I managed to justify buying a super cool UC Davis sweater- I’m going to have so much UCD stash when I return home it’s ridiculous.. I think for my first day back at Glasgow Uni for fourth year I’m just going to rock up fully kitted out in UCD gear, baseball cap and all. Everyone will just have to accept me for the complete and utter knob that I really am.

Speaking of complete and utter knobs, I went to office hours the other day to try to get some help from my lecturer and he was completely useless. I occasionally get mad in his lectures when he doesn’t prove something  because it’s ‘obvious’. YES MR MATH MAN MAYBE IF YOU HAVE A PHD! I make myself feel better during the lectures by writing teeny tiny notes to vent my anger:


I only realised after I had been flicking through my notes with him during his office hours that I’d forgotten to rub them out. OOPS. To be fair to the guy though, he redeemed himself slightly at the end when (after asking me if I’m Welsh- that’s a first!) he revealed that he’s ‘obsessed’ with British TV and we had a nice chat about The Great British Bake Off.

I just finished my last midterm so am now sitting in the Union listening to Michael Buble and letting my brain switch off for the first time in a fortnight. Plan on going to the first home basketball game of the season tonight too, I think we’re actually pretty good at bball (got pumped again at football on Saturday afternoon, even the guy leading the Aggie Pack chanting was struggling to stay positive in then end! It’s absolutely brutal.).

So long lovers.

(Sugar) Highs and Lows

Look at me sitting down, taking the time to write a blog post about what I’ve been up to in California. You should know, dear readers, than I put aside this time to write- I scheduled it into my day. I’m not just randomly writing because my internet is being really slow and I’m waiting for Great British Bake Off to buffer. Honest.


I started this post a week ago, then GBBO buffered and I got distracted (and hungry).

Anyone who follows me on twittah will know that I’ve had a couple of teeny tiny psychotic break downs over the past few weeks as a direct result of a certain Statistical software programme which shall remain unnamed (I’m scared in case it hears me and starts doing what I want it to do even LESS than it already does).

A couple of Fridays ago I went to the UCD annual pajarmarino, an age old tradition which involves marching through Downtown in your jimjams. And if you’re like me you’ll be melting because you’re wearing fleece lined pyjamas when it’s 23 degrees outside.


I’m slightly concerned by how quickly I adapted to wearing my pyjamas in public, I didn’t even bother changing out of them before going to Safeway on my way home which was possibly more ‘Glasgow’ than ‘pajamarino’.

I have not yet missed a home football match and last week was the Homecoming Game. For the full week there were celebrations, UCD had won their away game the previous weekend too meaning that for the first time since 2010 we had won two games in a row (no statistical analysis needed there really..) so we were all excited, we were so up for the game, we kept thinking about how EPIC the previous home win had been. We were..



…absolutely slaughtered 7-41. Ouch.


BUT look at that super cool freebie hat which I then refused to take off for the rest of the day (and for the next day too. Swagalicious.). I feel that as a Scot I have the mental capacity to deal with sport teams lacking any kind of consistency but I’m struggling a bit here guys. Anyone have any tips on how to battle through these troubling times? (A method that does’t involve alcohol because drinking alcohol while I’m here would be ILLEGAL). Also, as you can see from that photo I’m tanning really well. HAH, in reality my legs are still so pale that you can’t look at them in direct sunlight without sunglasses on.

two bikes

When we arrived at the football game those bike racks were full, but by the time we left only our bikes remained. Now that’s commitment.

Food here is still throwing me off a bit. Sugar is added to everything. EVERYTHING meaning that every day I cycle through about five sugar highs and sugar lows and I’ve started trying to counter the sleepy lows using caffeine. This sometimes works but I often end up on simultaneous caffeine and sugar downers which feels like this:

Trainspotting (1996)

It’s a dangerous cycle because I’m never actually sure if it’s caffeine or sugar I need so I’ll just end up eating chocolate. When I first arrived here I was really healthy- eating lots of salad, fruit and veggies and saying things like ‘y’know it’s just so warm I don’t really feel like eating much’. Oh how times have changed, now that classes have started I’m back to eating my feelings and have demolished about three quarters of the chocolate haul I brought with me. You know, the chocolate haul I said I was only going to dip into when I got ‘really stressed’ at the ‘end of term’. Two words- fucking bastard coding. Three words. I was originally only going to swear once but since most of my readers are British I need at least two to get any kind of reaction- unlike here where no-one swears. I think I might have scared some Americans with my casual use of phrases such as ‘buggery shitballs’. I believe they also get a fright though because 90% of the people I talk to initially think I’m Irish which means that they also think I must be jolly, they don’t realise that I’m actually Scottish so am in fact aggressive at all times. Even when I’m fucking ecstatic.

Talking of being ecstatic, my BFF from back home, Katie (now that she’s practically famous I’ve taken it upon myself to give myself official ‘best friend’ status) was competing in the European Track Championships yesterday as the fourth member of the Women’s Team Pursuit Team. They won gold. They got a world record. I was so excited that I watched the medal ceremony during my Group Theory class (that might be why I’m struggling so much with the homework) and then proceeded to tell a complete stanger in that class all about it. He was definitely a bit freaked out. I don’t care. It’s too much to comprehend.


You’re damn right I took a screen shot of the BBC Sport article.

katie and I

And that’s a photo of me with Katie. I’d just like the record to show that we really are friends which means that I now have a less than tenuous link to my one true love- Sir Chris Hoy.


Ice-Cream and Coding

As well as warning me to take a lot of suncream, as mentioned in my first post, when I told people that I was going away to California for a year so many of them said ‘you’re going to meet that special someone and never want to come home’…

I know I’m usually quite light hearted (and hilarious) on here, but it’s time for some real talk guys:

For the last two weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone. We do everything together, go everywhere together and are more or less inseparable. I hate it when we’re apart and already feel like losing them when I go home will leave a huge, gaping hole in my life.

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Ginger:


Isn’t she a beaut? (I swear if anyone makes any ‘riding’ jokes I’ll hunt you down- my Dad reads this people, get your minds out of the gutter).

Cycling everywhere is brilliant, the slight downside is that no-one ever wears helmets which means that I spend part of very single day feeling like an absolute doofus for wearing one. It was impressed on me from a very young age that if you DON’T wear a helmet you WILL fall off of your bike and you WILL become a vegetable. Looking like a complete knob it is then.

I’m five days into my classes now and they all look interesting, if hard. So bloody hard. I already only have a very hand-wavey idea of what’s going on in two of my four classes. Okay that’s a lie- three of my four classes. The worst offender is Statistical Computing. That class has resulted in me spending EIGHTEEN HOURS in front of a laptop in the past 5 days staring at this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 21.50.13

See all of those red lines of code? That’s my computer telling me that I don’t know shit about coding.

However, after feeling like I’ve been bashing my head off of a wall for the last five days I finally managed to achieve something today! I also had ice-cream and cookies for lunch, I’m not sure whether to not the two are correlated (could probably do a statistical test to find out HAW HAW), but I think I might say that they are and eat nothing but ice-cream and cookies for the rest of my time here. Seem fair?

Remember UCD football team were soundly beaten the other week? Well, on Saturday we won and it was AWESOME. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible and the crowd got right behind the team. The chanting is actually very tactical- the idea is that you’re REALLY LOUD when you’re playing defence so that the opposition can’t hear each other, and then you’re super duper quiet when you’re attacking.


The marching band were unbelievable too, someone recorded the set and put it on youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8smGPxk55o you should DEFINITELY check it out!

I’ve also had my first experience of red cups, ping pong balls and beer flavoured water.

Heading off to bed now, think I might currently be crashing from the gelato and the ice-cream cookie sandwich I had for lunch (it’s entirely possible that I might have maybe visited two ice-cream shops in an hour. Maybe possibly… definitely.).