Thunderbolts and Lightning

Today as I was cycling back from campus in my shorts and t-shirt, having been sitting outside doing some maths and drinking a chai spiced latte I felt a familiar feeling. Was it inner peace? Was I enjoying the lovely scenery as I cycled with the wind in my hair? No dear reader that familiar feeling was goosebumps. That’s right I was fucking FREEZING and wishing that I had thought to lift a jumper on my way out… the temperature was above 20 degrees. Please feel free to leave me abuse in the comment section below and know that I’m judging myself just as harshly as you all are.

Aside from acclimatising far too quickly I watched UCD football team get absolutely horsed on Saturday evening (it’s funny because their mascot is Gunrock the horse), but on the plus side I got to wear my Aggie t-shirt and get stripes painted on my face (I realise I didn’t explain the whole ‘Aggie’ thing last time- ‘Aggies’ is the collective name for UC Davis students).


Note the swirling grey skies overhead, there was actually thunder and the game was postponed for for half an hour which confused the hell out of everyone- apparently that never ever happens. Just for me then- cheers mother nature. In the background of that photo you can also see my Swedish flatmate (yellow t-shirt) painting the face of a random guy, he accidentally became the face painter for the whole Aggie Pack after people saw him doing ours.

Sunday marked the start of ‘Fall Welcome Week’ with lots of activities going on, they were showing watch Monsters University on a huge screen in The Pavillion on the first night which was pretty awesome. We were with another Swedish girl we know from the apartment complex and she brought us really good chocolate


… because I definitely didn’t bring enough from home that I could have eaten..

British chocolate

My exciting thing for the day on Monday was going on a library tour. Hold me back. Afterwards I sat outside with an iced coffee (which I managed to order with minimal confusion on my part, there aren’t many options when it comes to cold coffee) and sorted out class stuff before heading back to the apartment via Trader Joe’s. I love Trader Joe’s- anywhere that sells ‘dark chocolate peanut butter cups’ is basically my ideal kind of place. I did have a surreal experience when I was trying to decide which of the 73 zillion cereals to buy though- I started chatting to a guy who was stacking boxes and it turned out he had done a lot of travelling and recently did some with a group of Scots and they were basically smashed the whole time. Managed to get myself invited to drink with him at some point. The drink he was offering? Buckfast.

That evening there was an Aggie Welcome Rally with the full cheerleaders/marching band/chanting malarky, the best thing about it was probably getting the free t-shirt at the end. My total number of free tees since I arrived is four, I really want to get it into double figures (*cough* typical student *cough*).

The other day I also had my first experience of a ‘stepper’ machine at the swanky UCD gym. I was on it for about two minutes, couldn’t figure out how to use it and had to walk away with my dignity in tatters, so I’ve since watched a youtube tutorial on how to use it. Next time I’ll be an absolute pro (maybe. Probably not.).

I popped into Safeway on my way back today to get some milk and of course also ended up with apple sauce, chopped tomatoes, garlic, cheese and bananas. Made the complete rookie error of forgetting to double bag my groceries though so after nearly sacrificing myself to rescue a can of chopped tomatoes I’d dropped I ended up having to walk my bike home (helmet still on) with a can of chopped tomatoes in each pocket. Keepin’ it real.

Classes start tomorrow so the next blog might just be a photo of me crying depending on how that goes. Hope you’re all swell!



7 thoughts on “Thunderbolts and Lightning

  1. Trader Joe’s! <3 Aw man, I know the feeling with the goosebumps – I got the same thing in Palo alto even though it's so warm there some of my friends had literally never seen snow :p Cycling home with large bags of shopping is literally the biggest thrill I've had this week, not just because I'm such an introvert but also I always worry everything is going to collapse in the middle of the road :p

    • Trader Joe’s really is the best- you weren’t exaggerating! The cycling thing was baaaaad, need to remember to take a spare canvas bag or something with me next time. Plus, I now hate having to walk anywhere because cycling is just so much faster.. Hope you’re enjoying your first week of classes!

      • I know, right? If you have a bike in Glasgow we should totally become cycling buddies when you get back! And yeah, my first week back has been alright, the main thing that’s annoyed me so far is that yet again all of our lecturers are men. Like, I have nothing against men, but it’s kind of weird/suspicious how few women there are :p

  2. There’s always at least one thing in your blog that makes me want to laugh out loud (note to self don’t read it in the library again..) – this time the gym stepper experience had to be it (dare I admit I can see myself doing the same sort if thing?) – great reading! All sounds so exciting :D

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