Ice-Cream and Coding

As well as warning me to take a lot of suncream, as mentioned in my first post, when I told people that I was going away to California for a year so many of them said ‘you’re going to meet that special someone and never want to come home’…

I know I’m usually quite light hearted (and hilarious) on here, but it’s time for some real talk guys:

For the last two weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone. We do everything together, go everywhere together and are more or less inseparable. I hate it when we’re apart and already feel like losing them when I go home will leave a huge, gaping hole in my life.

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Ginger:


Isn’t she a beaut? (I swear if anyone makes any ‘riding’ jokes I’ll hunt you down- my Dad reads this people, get your minds out of the gutter).

Cycling everywhere is brilliant, the slight downside is that no-one ever wears helmets which means that I spend part of very single day feeling like an absolute doofus for wearing one. It was impressed on me from a very young age that if you DON’T wear a helmet you WILL fall off of your bike and you WILL become a vegetable. Looking like a complete knob it is then.

I’m five days into my classes now and they all look interesting, if hard. So bloody hard. I already only have a very hand-wavey idea of what’s going on in two of my four classes. Okay that’s a lie- three of my four classes. The worst offender is Statistical Computing. That class has resulted in me spending EIGHTEEN HOURS in front of a laptop in the past 5 days staring at this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 21.50.13

See all of those red lines of code? That’s my computer telling me that I don’t know shit about coding.

However, after feeling like I’ve been bashing my head off of a wall for the last five days I finally managed to achieve something today! I also had ice-cream and cookies for lunch, I’m not sure whether to not the two are correlated (could probably do a statistical test to find out HAW HAW), but I think I might say that they are and eat nothing but ice-cream and cookies for the rest of my time here. Seem fair?

Remember UCD football team were soundly beaten the other week? Well, on Saturday we won and it was AWESOME. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible and the crowd got right behind the team. The chanting is actually very tactical- the idea is that you’re REALLY LOUD when you’re playing defence so that the opposition can’t hear each other, and then you’re super duper quiet when you’re attacking.


The marching band were unbelievable too, someone recorded the set and put it on youtube- you should DEFINITELY check it out!

I’ve also had my first experience of red cups, ping pong balls and beer flavoured water.

Heading off to bed now, think I might currently be crashing from the gelato and the ice-cream cookie sandwich I had for lunch (it’s entirely possible that I might have maybe visited two ice-cream shops in an hour. Maybe possibly… definitely.).



9 thoughts on “Ice-Cream and Coding

  1. Oh man, you literally made me laugh manically with that Ginger gag at the start! What programming language are you using in that code above? I probs won’t be able to help you with it, but I’m curious…

    • I’m here for your entertainment!! It’s a statistical programme called ‘R’ (I’m using a slightly different version called ‘RStudio’ because it looks less intimidating, the original one just gives you code!).

      • Lol well I haven’t heard of it, but good luck! Do you know if you’re doing LaTeX or Mathematica this year? Those are the only two things we’re doing, but they’re going to be v important next year so you should find out if they intend to teach you it while you’re there :)

      • Thanks- things are slooooowly starting to make sense! I don’t think I’m using either of them… Should make for fun times when I get back! The Stats Programme is v v important for stats when I get back though so at least I’ll be 50% of the way there!

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