(Sugar) Highs and Lows

Look at me sitting down, taking the time to write a blog post about what I’ve been up to in California. You should know, dear readers, than I put aside this time to write- I scheduled it into my day. I’m not just randomly writing because my internet is being really slow and I’m waiting for Great British Bake Off to buffer. Honest.


I started this post a week ago, then GBBO buffered and I got distracted (and hungry).

Anyone who follows me on twittah will know that I’ve had a couple of teeny tiny psychotic break downs over the past few weeks as a direct result of a certain Statistical software programme which shall remain unnamed (I’m scared in case it hears me and starts doing what I want it to do even LESS than it already does).

A couple of Fridays ago I went to the UCD annual pajarmarino, an age old tradition which involves marching through Downtown in your jimjams. And if you’re like me you’ll be melting because you’re wearing fleece lined pyjamas when it’s 23 degrees outside.


I’m slightly concerned by how quickly I adapted to wearing my pyjamas in public, I didn’t even bother changing out of them before going to Safeway on my way home which was possibly more ‘Glasgow’ than ‘pajamarino’.

I have not yet missed a home football match and last week was the Homecoming Game. For the full week there were celebrations, UCD had won their away game the previous weekend too meaning that for the first time since 2010 we had won two games in a row (no statistical analysis needed there really..) so we were all excited, we were so up for the game, we kept thinking about how EPIC the previous home win had been. We were..



…absolutely slaughtered 7-41. Ouch.


BUT look at that super cool freebie hat which I then refused to take off for the rest of the day (and for the next day too. Swagalicious.). I feel that as a Scot I have the mental capacity to deal with sport teams lacking any kind of consistency but I’m struggling a bit here guys. Anyone have any tips on how to battle through these troubling times? (A method that does’t involve alcohol because drinking alcohol while I’m here would be ILLEGAL). Also, as you can see from that photo I’m tanning really well. HAH, in reality my legs are still so pale that you can’t look at them in direct sunlight without sunglasses on.

two bikes

When we arrived at the football game those bike racks were full, but by the time we left only our bikes remained. Now that’s commitment.

Food here is still throwing me off a bit. Sugar is added to everything. EVERYTHING meaning that every day I cycle through about five sugar highs and sugar lows and I’ve started trying to counter the sleepy lows using caffeine. This sometimes works but I often end up on simultaneous caffeine and sugar downers which feels like this:

Trainspotting (1996)

It’s a dangerous cycle because I’m never actually sure if it’s caffeine or sugar I need so I’ll just end up eating chocolate. When I first arrived here I was really healthy- eating lots of salad, fruit and veggies and saying things like ‘y’know it’s just so warm I don’t really feel like eating much’. Oh how times have changed, now that classes have started I’m back to eating my feelings and have demolished about three quarters of the chocolate haul I brought with me. You know, the chocolate haul I said I was only going to dip into when I got ‘really stressed’ at the ‘end of term’. Two words- fucking bastard coding. Three words. I was originally only going to swear once but since most of my readers are British I need at least two to get any kind of reaction- unlike here where no-one swears. I think I might have scared some Americans with my casual use of phrases such as ‘buggery shitballs’. I believe they also get a fright though because 90% of the people I talk to initially think I’m Irish which means that they also think I must be jolly, they don’t realise that I’m actually Scottish so am in fact aggressive at all times. Even when I’m fucking ecstatic.

Talking of being ecstatic, my BFF from back home, Katie (now that she’s practically famous I’ve taken it upon myself to give myself official ‘best friend’ status) was competing in the European Track Championships yesterday as the fourth member of the Women’s Team Pursuit Team. They won gold. They got a world record. I was so excited that I watched the medal ceremony during my Group Theory class (that might be why I’m struggling so much with the homework) and then proceeded to tell a complete stanger in that class all about it. He was definitely a bit freaked out. I don’t care. It’s too much to comprehend.


You’re damn right I took a screen shot of the BBC Sport article.

katie and I

And that’s a photo of me with Katie. I’d just like the record to show that we really are friends which means that I now have a less than tenuous link to my one true love- Sir Chris Hoy.



2 thoughts on “(Sugar) Highs and Lows

  1. Thanks Fiona for another entertaining blog! I never fail to laugh out loud!! Can’t wait till the next one Lots of Love Aiunt Lex xxx

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