Midterm Madness

Which of the following occurred in the previous week which made me decide I should probably try to sort out my life?
a) All I had in my fridge was jam, three eggs and half a can of kidney beans
b) I had no clean socks for the second time in a week
c) I was down to my last 1/4 of a makeup wipe (as a result of ripping up the last one to ‘make it last’)
d) I realised that I hadn’t washed my hair in a week
e) I had a ‘WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?’ breakdown at 0100 while finishing up a computing assignment
f) All of the above

Wait, you think the correct answer is ‘f’?! You really think I’m clatty enough to have gone a week without washing my hair?

Yeah okay you’re right.The correct answer is ‘f’. You win a quarter of a make-up wipe!

I did something extremely grown up the other day in an attempt so sort myself out- I bought a hairbrush! Anyone who knows me well will know that this is a very big deal and I’m now ready to take on the word as a sophisticated grown up lady person with tidy hair (I use the term ‘tidy’ loosely..).

For those of you who don’t know, it’s midterm season at UC Davis so I’ve basically been eating, studying, eating, sleeping and studying. The studying has been made easier though by the one and only Elaine Christie who sent me an EPIC selection of chocolate. You may remember my chocolate stash from the start of the quarter? That’s loooong since gone people, I am a well-seasoned chocolate eater. It’s a talent. I claimed the other day that I was ‘going to stop eating so much sugar’, but all healthy pretences immediately flew out of the window when I received the package with M&S giant chocolate buttons amongst many other delights. No regrets.

chocolate choco2

BUT GUESS WHAT? I have actually done something FUN since my last blog post! I went to Lake Tahoe with some other exchange students and it was pretty awesome. I want to say that it was ‘fun-oe’ but I’ve already used that gag on my Facebook page, and I have a feeling that the vast majority of my readership comes directly from facey-b so I can’t really use it again (hi Dad… hi Mum). If you haven’t got me on Facebook, know that the album title was comedy GOLD.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0165 tahoe tahoe2

Trying to choose which photos to post was pretty difficulty because dayuumm that place was picturesque. Note that all photos that don’t look like they were taken by a five year old were taken by up-and-coming French photographer Alexandre Payot.


The water was bloomin’ FREEZING though. I’d love to say that we were frolicking in the water all afternoon but in reality we only stayed in the water long enough to get photographic evidence at which point we promptly got out before our hands/feet fell off. Lake Tahoe is at an altitude of 1897m which is actually a higher altitude than Ben Nevis! The water is basically just snow that melts off of the surrounding hills… so yeah- it’s pretty brisk!

Speaking of brisk, look at this:


LOOK AT IT. IT SAYS FIVE DEGREES CELCIUS WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I do not have the clothing to deal with single digit temperatures. And that, dear readers, is how I managed to justify buying a super cool UC Davis sweater- I’m going to have so much UCD stash when I return home it’s ridiculous.. I think for my first day back at Glasgow Uni for fourth year I’m just going to rock up fully kitted out in UCD gear, baseball cap and all. Everyone will just have to accept me for the complete and utter knob that I really am.

Speaking of complete and utter knobs, I went to office hours the other day to try to get some help from my lecturer and he was completely useless. I occasionally get mad in his lectures when he doesn’t prove something  because it’s ‘obvious’. YES MR MATH MAN MAYBE IF YOU HAVE A PHD! I make myself feel better during the lectures by writing teeny tiny notes to vent my anger:


I only realised after I had been flicking through my notes with him during his office hours that I’d forgotten to rub them out. OOPS. To be fair to the guy though, he redeemed himself slightly at the end when (after asking me if I’m Welsh- that’s a first!) he revealed that he’s ‘obsessed’ with British TV and we had a nice chat about The Great British Bake Off.

I just finished my last midterm so am now sitting in the Union listening to Michael Buble and letting my brain switch off for the first time in a fortnight. Plan on going to the first home basketball game of the season tonight too, I think we’re actually pretty good at bball (got pumped again at football on Saturday afternoon, even the guy leading the Aggie Pack chanting was struggling to stay positive in then end! It’s absolutely brutal.).

So long lovers.


Any thoughts? I'd love to hear 'em!

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