HELLO! Remember me? I’m that girl who blogs about her life as an exchange student in California? Ringing any bells? I do maths and stats? I have a mouth like a sewer? There we go!

When we last left off I (6 weeks ago.. soz) I had just finished midterms and was listening to Michael Buble. Now I have not long finished my last final and have been listening to Mickey B’s Christmas Album on a constant loop. This is probably the hardest I’ve ever worked for a set of exams in my entire life- I thought my brain was going to start seeping out of my ears at one point. The downtime after midterms unfortunately didn’t last very long! Anyone who follows me on instagram will know that I was dressing like an absolute hobo for about three weeks and kept track of how close it was to Christmas using impressive ankle socks/cropped jeans combinations (no shame). The finals are all over now though, I’ve done a clothes wash and have washed my hair- I’m a real girl! I’ve been completely abandoned by my flatmates and pretty much everyone I know in Davis so I spent some of yesterday in the library reading up on classes for next quarter.

I’M KIDDING GUYS- I was in the library stealing the internet so that I could download Downton Abbey season 4. Christmas starts here! I’ve now finished season four. In less than 24 hours- that has got to be some kind of record.

photo 3f

photo 13

photo 33


photo d4

I did have some fun between the two sets of exams, I promise. Had a nice trip to San Francisco:



That place is HILLY, my calves were sore for about three days after walking all over the city. The day consisted of walking, punctuated by much food and taking of touristy photos, questions like ‘Can you please take a photo of me standing in the middle of the road?’ were asked about every 15 minutes.

One of the most epic moment was when we were driving along the Golden Gate Bridge, windows wide open absolutely blasting Aretha Franklin ‘Respect’. YES.

Watching the sun set by the sea with a hot chocolate wasn’t too bad either though mind you. It’s funny to think that I’ll look back these photos in 50 years when I’m a crazy old cat lady and reminisce. I still can’t believe I live in California. I LIVE in CALIFORNIA. Caps lock doesn’t help- still can’t believe it.


Also had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend weekend with two of my flatmates, the actual day was mostly spent cooking and eating. I made EPIC roasties, that’s usually my dad’s job at home but I think we’ll have to have a potato-off when I get home because damn they were good!! We also went Black Friday shopping in the evening, I was led to believe that I was basically going to be killed if I went BF shopping, but I emerged from the experience alive and victorious (with a much, much lighter purse…) Who needs food when there’s 50% off of everything in American Eagle, right? We had to drag my flatmate Hubert away from the shops at 1am because Amelia and I couldn’t take any more. We started at 6pm though so I would say we did the event justice.


Just before finals started my flatmate Amelia celebrated her 21st birthday, she claimed she didn’t want a fuss, so I of course respected that decision. I didn’t leave a trail of balloons with messages on them from her bedroom door to the kitchen or write all over our mirror.



Nope. None of these things. We celebrated with two pizzas and cupcakes (which I managed to cycle home and keep in one piece- I am an absolute PRO at cycling home carrying stuff, not too long ago I cycled home 9 shopping bags full of groceries, my bike may have been making funny noises ever since but it was worth it to see the look of sheer disbelief on the faces of my flatmates!). We ordered two extra large pizzas for the birthday celebration, at the very start of the quarter when we ordered in two XL pizzas we had about six slices left over to eat the next day, but having now lived in America for more than three months we are well seasoned eaters and managed to polish off both in one sitting. I was still full the next day.

It has been unseasonably ABSOLUTELY BLOODY FREEZING IN DAVIS. I ended up fashioning an extra blanket out of towels and jumpers (#thrifty).

photo 1g


We went to a basketball game one Saturday evening (most stressful five minutes of my life, we scored in the last second to take it to extra time and then lost by a point. Ouch.) and when we came out of the game I could SEE MY BREATH in the air and my saddle was frosty. Lol whut?

This is a bit of a paltry post considering it’s the first one I’ve written in six weeks. I’m going to try to do better next quarter! I’ve just eaten a PB&J sandwich and am waiting for my Uncle to pick me up, take me to San Francisco and then fly me home on Wednesday evening.

There’s no place like home.




Any thoughts? I'd love to hear 'em!

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