I’m just finishing up SPRING BREAK here in California (the phrase automatically changes into capital letters when you type it, it simply cannot be in lower case). In typical SPRING BREAK fashion I went to Mexico, drank copious quantities of alcohol, stayed in a slightly dodgy hostel, took part in a wet t-shirt competition, listened to a lot of electro music, got a tattoo and took a jumping photo on a white sandy beach.


I went to Portland, ate entirely too much food, played Battleships, watched Mad Men from my wonderful bed in my comfy hotel, ate more food, went to an arcade and played pacman, bought far too many postcards, went to the cinema multiple times, drank a lot of coffee, ate more food, played Junga (a terrible, terrible rip off Jenga), got excited because the plane we flew there on was just like the one in ‘The Proposal’ (no Ryan Reynolds though unfortunately), listened to far too much Frank Turner, went to a Rose Garden, visited the Worlds Smallest Park and ate more food. Did I mention the food?



Portland is a food lover’s paradise; I can honestly say I wasn’t hungry for four solid days. We of course hit up the Portland institution ‘Voodoo Doughnuts’ and it did not disappoint- I had a Voodoo Doll and an Old Dirty Bastard (questionable turn of phrase). The latter was a doughnut topped with crushed oreos and peanutbutter *salivates at the memory*. The other highlight was an Epic burger, which was an utterly delicious greasy mess of beef, pulled pork, pickles and texas slaw. Getting the munchies just typing that.

photo 1

photo 2

photod 1



There was also a trip to Powell’s bookstore, which was so big I basically had a meltdown the first time and didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t mentally prepared. Don’t worry though, I returned and bought some books (making myself feel a bit better about being the owner of a Kindle in the process).



That right there has the Guinness World Record for being the ‘Smallest Park in the World’. I did actually see it despite what my hood in that photo suggests. The rain was pretty horrific for the second two days, but it was okay because it just meant we could ‘shelter from the rain’ with a coffee (and a crumble cake).


The most hipstery-instagramy picture I’ve ever taken, be proud.

As you can imagine since returning I’ve been eating healthy and going for long cycles. Okay, that’s only partly true- I had veggie chili for dinner yesterday only after eating the voodoo doughnut I sneaked home as a mid afternoon snack, and I only went for a long cycle because I had to trail all over Davis to find a shop that stocked Angostura Bitters so that I could make myself an Old Fashioned to drink while watching Mad Men. Doing life right.

I should probably mention that I didn’t embark on any of this all on my lonesome, my partner in crime was my flatmate Amelia. We’re both serious enablers when it comes to food- no cute coffee shop shall go untried. Even if we’ve just had a huge breakfast.

SPRING BREAK is just one short week between Winter and Spring quarters, and I cannot believe that I embark on my final quarter here at UCD on Monday. I’ve had to start thinking about my fourth year project back in Glasgow and every so often people try to engage me in a conversation about ‘the future’ and ‘graduation’ but this usually ends up in me having some kind of existential crisis so I try to avoid those chats at all costs.

My plans for this coming quarter? Take a wheel throwing class, do some more hiking, eat a lot more food, go to a beach, take some trips to other cities and soak up some more of that sweet, sweet California sumshine.

Have a fab weekend.


3 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK WOOHOO

  1. Oh man, Portland? That’s so cool! I really want to go there, I’ve heard a lot of good things :D It’s a hella hipster town, but I would probably enjoy that. They’ve got a vegan shopping mall there! That’s literally so exciting to me :P Those donut people look reall horrified – is that supposed to be an arrow sticking through their gummy hearts? And JEEZ that tiny park is the cutest thing!

    Do you know whether you’re doing your project in maths or in stats next year? What kind of thing are you thinking of doing? :)

    • You should definitely try to go if you can, it’ll be even better if you go when you’re 21 too- I think there’s some kind of doctor who bar I missed out on!
      Haha it is! But they were absolutely delicious so it quickly became really difficult to feel any sympathy. They have a whole load of vegan doughnuts there too so you’d be golden.
      Think I’m leaning towards doing a stats project but am not 100% sure. What are you thinking?

      • Oh man, vegan doughnuts :3 I am already 21 though so I wouldn’t have that problem :P Oh man, stats? Booooooo! Maths 5eva <333 Don't know what project I'll end up with, but it'll be something algebray or analysisy or topologyy :D

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